Bountiful Basket Farm

Surburban Farming

We are a family of five who live in Wilmington, MA. We farm on our 1/4 acre of land. Which includes a peach tree, three apple trees, a pear tree, blackberries, blueberries ,strawberries ,vegetables, chickens, and bees. We are striving to live sustainably. What extra eggs and vegetables we produce we offer to our friends and for sale at our street stand. In the addition to growing our own food we educate the public on backyard chicken raising, though classes.


Suburban Farm

  1. -327 Burlington Ave. Wilmington, MA 01887


We have 12 layer hens for egg production.

All of our poultry is hand raised and free to roam. Their diet consist of fresh greens, insects, and natural grain feed.


We grow a  variety of organic vegetables.